Tip To Make Sponge Cake

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Sponge Cake. resep kue lapis lembutThe cake became Idol thanks to light and soft texture. The name was taken because of the porinya texture that resembles a sponge. Its main ingredients are eggs, sugar, flour, and butter. The manufacturing process creates a cavity-air cavities in the dough. This is what makes the floor going spongy texture, return to the original shape when pressed.

Manufacturing process:

Beat the eggs and sugar using a high speed mixer until fluffy and pale yellow (CA. 10-15 minutes to ± 6 eggs). No need to fear if too long mengocoknya, because it will not affect the end result. This process will shape the cavity-air cavities in the dough. The dough is ready if it reaches the ribbon stage, namely dough can form folds like a Ribbon when poured. Tip: how to test the ribbon stage, pick up a bit of the dough with the mixer. If you can write using the batter that falls, it means the dough has reached the ribbon stage.
Sift the dry ingredients resep puding coklat saus vla enak sekali into the dough folding while stirring using a rubber spatula. Sifting is a trivial job which is very crucial. Usually the flour will be lumpy if stored for a long time. The time of entry into the dough, it will be difficult to dissolve clots. Sifting the flour can also lighten the mass of flour so that the resulting cake lighter. Tip: do not stir too long because the batter will deflate.
Pour the melted butter (not hot, but 86 ± 36 º -37 º C) into the dough, folding while stirring using a rubber spatula.
Bake in hot oven 180 ° C (± 30-45 minutes).

Examples of sponge cake: Lapis Surabaya, madeleine, bolu, bolu marble roll.


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