The difference of refined curry sauce, Coconut Curry, and Curry

Curry sauce known as food a feast of Idul Fitri holiday in Indonesia. His presence in every home while Widths into a main dish along with lontong or ketupat. It tasted savory, from coconut milk makes it a pale white.

There's more food bersantan which are familiar in Indonesia, namely tongue goulash. This dish is more frequently seen are either red or yellow.

Ingredients of turmeric or chili red dye very mouth-watering meal. Originally this dish is adapted from a type of curry food originating from mainland India. Both of these foods can be said as an integral part.

The cuisine has a third savory seasonings are almost similar. The herbs that are used do not differ greatly, the material consists mainly of onion, garlic, ginger, galangal, lime leaves and Lemongrass. The difference of the three dishes of curry sauce using Pecans so white, Coconut Curry resep iga bakar kesukaan using chili red, so while using turmeric Curry makes the color yellow.

"All the cuisine now depends on taste. If the chicken was just the baseball opor ditambahin egg too. There's Coconut Curry Chicken and fish, Curry goat, ranging from beef, chicken, and fish. So it's all made easy aja culinary experts, "said the rest of the Soewitomo resep gulai kambing mantap sekali which already bore a lot of cookbooks when you call Republika not long ago.

Another difference from all three of these looks from eating stuffing. Opor more often use chicken meat, goulash, better known as though meat and fish, while Curry is more accentuated the goat meat. According to Siska Soewitomo, currently third in processed has been able to use any stuffing, not terpatok of certain materials only.


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