Tempe Mendoan Accompany Mandatory Novita Wijayanti

NOVITA Wijayanti never missed out on setting up its own interface Widths. Members of Commission V of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES it takes one week for the preparation of Idul Fitri. "I prepare myself. Sometimes yes create a cake yourself, "he said on Wednesday (15/7).

Female origin of Cilacap, Central Java, that is to say, in addition to the cake, the food menu is mandatory when the Lebaran arrived is tempe mendoan. According to Novita, in addition to delicious, tempe mendoan is his hometown specialties. "Should be available because many guests prefer," he said. http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/

Hawker's best-selling sweet usually. When there are guests, tempe mendoan is the first food eaten. "Surely run out one day. Next create anymore, "he said.

Tempe resep tempe mendoan lezat sedap started buying in the market to prepare it yourself in, Novita. According to the mother of two children, there was satisfaction when presenting dishes that made his own hands. "When things are said, I am so proud," he said

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