traditional ajanan Still Exist

Who likes the streets while visiting culinary? This activity is suitable for the occupant of the campus that likes to eat ya. But it's not always a matter of eating a heavy meal Yes, snacks can also be a choice of culinary tour you guys.

Currently, resep kue cubit green tea already a varied selection of traditional Campus Residents can get, ranging from traditional local flavors to traditional flavours. This time the IPK will share information about hawker, arguably the traditional street food is becoming a prima donna at the moment.

The following will share some GPA traditional hawker could try Campus Residents as target culinary tour.

Pinch Cake
Who resep seblak pedas enak would have thought the cake on a start of better known as hawker in schools is currently rising. Cakes made from flour, milk and childhood memories offers residents of the campus. Now pinch the pastry had already been transformed by presenting a wide selection of variants. Starting from green tea, strawberry, chocolate, and many other flavors. Even now, the cake can be given a pinch of a variety of toppings, depending on the taste of the Peghuni campus.

Traditional cakes this one has the form of a pancake. It's just smaller and thicker surabi. Traditional desserts made from rice flour or wheat remains indicate its existence. If it used to be the only known surabi a hawker market, now the Campus Residents already can be found in the restaurant even cafes.

Don't want to lose time, surabi was transformed following the developments. In the past, surabi given only kinca gravy made from coconut milk mixed with sugar or with a sprinkling of fermented beans. Now, with the innovation, it's been a variety of toppings to enjoy surabi, like chocolate, cheese, mayonnaise, fruit jams, as well as Patty the chicken and sausage.

Hawker main crackers made from boiled until chewy is also being popular. At first seblak are only enjoyed by a community among the bottom. As the development, seblak already can be enjoyed various layers. Campus Residents are not hard to get seblak for not only the street vendors that offer. Today, modern dining concept also offers the seblak with a variety of flavors and a selection of toppings, such as the seblak macaroni, chicken claw, seblak seblak mi seblak wet, bone, seblak baso, and others.

Cake Beam
In accordance with her nickname, this cake does have a shape like the beam due to the form of panggangannya. The cakes are made from a mixture of flour, sugar, water and butter this could be a glut in the past for residents of the campus.

In the past this one may not be foreign in the ears of the occupant of the campus. Meals are usually found in places to hang out. Cake pancong a semicircular made from grated young coconut, rice flour, coconut milk, and sugar can be an alternative past, residents of the campus. Hawker also has various toppings such as cheese, chocolate, biscuits, and more.

How residents of the campus, you guys are interested to try it? In addition to culinary tour with we know and try the desserts, we also participated in preserving the richness of traditional Indonesia.

Tip To Make Sponge Cake

sponge cake delicious

Sponge Cake. resep kue lapis lembutThe cake became Idol thanks to light and soft texture. The name was taken because of the porinya texture that resembles a sponge. Its main ingredients are eggs, sugar, flour, and butter. The manufacturing process creates a cavity-air cavities in the dough. This is what makes the floor going spongy texture, return to the original shape when pressed.

Manufacturing process:

Beat the eggs and sugar using a high speed mixer until fluffy and pale yellow (CA. 10-15 minutes to ± 6 eggs). No need to fear if too long mengocoknya, because it will not affect the end result. This process will shape the cavity-air cavities in the dough. The dough is ready if it reaches the ribbon stage, namely dough can form folds like a Ribbon when poured. Tip: how to test the ribbon stage, pick up a bit of the dough with the mixer. If you can write using the batter that falls, it means the dough has reached the ribbon stage.
Sift the dry ingredients resep puding coklat saus vla enak sekali into the dough folding while stirring using a rubber spatula. Sifting is a trivial job which is very crucial. Usually the flour will be lumpy if stored for a long time. The time of entry into the dough, it will be difficult to dissolve clots. Sifting the flour can also lighten the mass of flour so that the resulting cake lighter. Tip: do not stir too long because the batter will deflate.
Pour the melted butter (not hot, but 86 ± 36 º -37 º C) into the dough, folding while stirring using a rubber spatula.
Bake in hot oven 180 ° C (± 30-45 minutes).

Examples of sponge cake: Lapis Surabaya, madeleine, bolu, bolu marble roll.

The difference of refined curry sauce, Coconut Curry, and Curry

Curry sauce known as food a feast of Idul Fitri holiday in Indonesia. His presence in every home while Widths into a main dish along with lontong or ketupat. It tasted savory, from coconut milk makes it a pale white.

There's more food bersantan which are familiar in Indonesia, namely tongue goulash. This dish is more frequently seen are either red or yellow.

Ingredients of turmeric or chili red dye very mouth-watering meal. Originally this dish is adapted from a type of curry food originating from mainland India. Both of these foods can be said as an integral part.

The cuisine has a third savory seasonings are almost similar. The herbs that are used do not differ greatly, the material consists mainly of onion, garlic, ginger, galangal, lime leaves and Lemongrass. The difference of the three dishes of curry sauce using Pecans so white, Coconut Curry resep iga bakar kesukaan using chili red, so while using turmeric Curry makes the color yellow.

"All the cuisine now depends on taste. If the chicken was just the baseball opor ditambahin egg too. There's Coconut Curry Chicken and fish, Curry goat, ranging from beef, chicken, and fish. So it's all made easy aja culinary experts, "said the rest of the Soewitomo resep gulai kambing mantap sekali which already bore a lot of cookbooks when you call Republika not long ago.

Another difference from all three of these looks from eating stuffing. Opor more often use chicken meat, goulash, better known as though meat and fish, while Curry is more accentuated the goat meat. According to Siska Soewitomo, currently third in processed has been able to use any stuffing, not terpatok of certain materials only.

Tempe Mendoan Accompany Mandatory Novita Wijayanti

NOVITA Wijayanti never missed out on setting up its own interface Widths. Members of Commission V of the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES it takes one week for the preparation of Idul Fitri. "I prepare myself. Sometimes yes create a cake yourself, "he said on Wednesday (15/7).

Female origin of Cilacap, Central Java, that is to say, in addition to the cake, the food menu is mandatory when the Lebaran arrived is tempe mendoan. According to Novita, in addition to delicious, tempe mendoan is his hometown specialties. "Should be available because many guests prefer," he said.

Hawker's best-selling sweet usually. When there are guests, tempe mendoan is the first food eaten. "Surely run out one day. Next create anymore, "he said.

Tempe resep tempe mendoan lezat sedap started buying in the market to prepare it yourself in, Novita. According to the mother of two children, there was satisfaction when presenting dishes that made his own hands. "When things are said, I am so proud," he said

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